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SpiroTrap MagnaBooster


are an installer of the Spirotrap Magnabooster filter made by Spirotech, this will improve the performance and reliability of your heating system and boiler by filtering the accumulation of dirt, debris and black sludge from the system. Black sludge (iron oxide) settles in heating pipework gradually reducing the bore for water to pass through. Spirotech Magnabooster utilises magnetic fields to attract the iron oxide and a centrifugal effect to filter dirt and debris from the system. Fitting a Spirotec Magnabooster will reduce the build up of dirt and sludge.

spirotech_magnabooster_2 3_installation_fitting seaford video spiro tech spiro trap magnabooster2 3
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spirotech_magnabooster_2 3_installation_fitting east sussex

Features and benefits of the SpiroTech SpiroTrap MagnaBooster filter

  • Highly recommended for all types of boilers, Super Slimline Design especially high efficiency boilers.
  • Unique dual action, automatically and continuously removes both magnetic and non-magnetic dirt from the heating system.
  • Proven to improve Energy Efficiency by independent testers - BSRIA + TNO.
  • Helps reduce running costs.
  • Helps protect and prolong the life of components such as the boiler and radiators.
  • Helps reduce nuisance call outs by eliminating problems caused by dirt.
  • Slim design fits neatly on any pipework.
  • Easily cleaned during the heating systems annual service.
  • Simple and easy to install.
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Heating system filters are essential equipment for combination boilers, and condensing boilers. In order to get maximum heat transfer from the burner to the water these boilers have narrower internal waterways. As a consequence there is more chance of blockages from debris and black sludge that occur in central heating systems. These devices enable that debris / sludge to be removed from the system before it causes a problem. Keeping the system clean maintains its efficiency and reliability. The Spirotech Spirotrap Magnabooster 2 is a worthy addition to any heating system new or old.

What will installation cost?

Bungalow Boilers can fit a 22mm Spirotech Spirotrap Magnabooster 2 for £200.00 (this price allows for 2 hours labour and the 22mm spirotrap magnabooster) We are not registered for VAT.

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