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Use the right heating controls to regulate temperature, save energy and money

honeywell room thermostat seafordThe simplest form of control is a room thermostat, they can have an analogue dial or a digital display and are usually installed in a central part of the property such as as hallway. These devices monitor the air temperature, if it is below the householders setting then it will instruct the boiler to produce heat for the radiators. As the temperature approaches the users setting then the signal for heat to the boiler is removed and the boiler goes into standby.
These devices ensure the boiler is not generating heat when it is not required, relying on the boiler stat alone does not monitor the air temperature of the household, so heat can be wasted.

honeywell DT92 wireless thermostat

Installing a room thermostat involves getting a small cable from the thermostat to the boiler in the case of a hard wired version or they are available as a wireless type.
Wireless controls are easy to install saving labour and less disruption to the interior fabric of the building, but have a higher price tag and require batteries in the thermostat. An indicator on the thermostat warns when the batteries need to be changed.

honeywell programmable room thermostat seafordProgrammable thermostats are available. These enable you to vary the temperature of the house at different times during the day.Slightly cooler during the day when you are active in the house or you are out at work, and warming up towards the evening when you wish to sit down and relax, cooling when you retire to bed. Once you have set the temperatures and times within the unit the process is automatic and no further input is required - unless you want to.honeywell programmable wireless thermostat seafordThese programmers avoid the boom/ bust of regular thermostats and programmer combinations which can lead to the building getting too cold in long off periods- this takes a lot of energy and time to warm up. Ideal for combination boilers as they control when the boiler needs to produce heat for the radiators depending on your settings and room temperature. This means you can dispense with the need and cost of a programmer, hot water for the taps is produced on demand on a combination boiler no programmer required.
Programmable thermostats are also available in wireless versions for for ease of installation .

Bungalow Boilers engineers can advise if you could benefit from a central heating controls update.

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