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Boiler Types Central heating boilers are supplied as: heat only, system or combination.

picture of conventional boiler layoutHeat only

Boiler will heat water for the radiators and hot water for the taps via a coil located in the hot water cylinder. The system can be of the traditional open vented type where by you have a small header tank in the loft or of the sealed variety. With the sealed system the header tank is not required, instead an expansion vessel is built into the system to take up the increase in volume of the water as it is heated. Sealed systems tend to be more efficient than open vented types. The circulating pump is located outside of the boiler

picture of system boiler layoutSystem boilers (right)

There is no need for a header tank in the loft for the central heating (normally the smaller of the two header tanks),the header tank for hot water cylinder (the large one) remains in the loft to feed the hot water cylinder. To allow for water expansion in the heating system an expansion vessel and pump are already built into the boiler making for a more compact installation with all the benefits of a sealed system. Installation labour costs are reduced as a result.

combination boiler layoutCombination boilers (left)

These heat the water for the radiators and supply directly the hot water for the taps. This eliminates the need for header tanks and hot water storage cylinders, reducing installation costs. They have the benefit that the system is sealed, hot water at the taps is supplied at the same pressure as the cold mains, you only pay to heat hot water that you actually use (not the large amount of water in a storage cylinder when all you actually need is a couple of basins worth). You have separate control over the boiler temperature for the water for the radiators and hot water for the taps. Heat only and system boilers have to have the boiler temperature set to a higher than necessary temperature for the radiators in order to heat the water in the cylinder to 60 degrees C.
Drawbacks with the combination boiler is that in the rare event that mains water is not available to the property then you will not have any stored water to draw upon. Due to their higher heat outputs they require a good gas supply (pipe size in relation to distance from gas meter) to get the best from them. Our engineers can advise if alteration is required for the size of boiler you require.

We Install most popular brands such as Glow worm Vaillant Potterton Baxi Ideal Intergas Worcester Bosch

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